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Living intentionally makes life more fruitful.

Blue Bee Coaching & Associates LLC 

Why is the company named "Blue Bee?" Anecdotally, bees are unique, known to be hard working, diligent, committed to their work, loyal, living with purpose and they share their gifts and resources with others to inspire growth and productivity.

We embrace and encompass all of these qualities and have a purpose directly aligned with our natural talents and passions. The Blue Orchard Bee is a wonderful representation of how these are elevated and appear in nature. 

"Honeybees are very important to commercial agriculture, but native bees like the blue orchard mason bees are better and more efficient pollinators of native crops..." (as noted by the USDA Forest Service online)


Blue Bee Coaching & Associates LLC is a boutique coaching and consulting firm specializing in services supporting women seeking to explore career opportunities or enhance and advance their leadership competencies. As a boutique firm, we provide a customized, holistic approach to coaching and consulting services. 


The core of the human experience is developed mentally, physically and spiritually. All impact our behaviors, choices, decisions and actions. Our firm knows that each of these elements must be considered to enhance and deepen the experience for the client. Associates are engaged, as needed, to support this holistic approach.


              Kilby Watson 
Owner & President 

                   My Story
I have had an amazing journey so far! I was born multiracial and adopted as an infant. Raised in a small town in the Midwest with my older brother, a house filled with news and information from around the world on NPR, music and wonderful pets.  Following in my mother's footsteps I became a teacher and fell in love with learning, professional development, supporting the growth of others and inspiring creativity. In 2002, I met my biological mother and family. I stay connected with them and enjoy deepening our relationships.  In doing so,  I have deepened my appreciation for and embraced the beauty of difference. 

My life has been filled with many adventures. I lived in Iowa, Louisiana, Florida, Michigan, and Tennessee before landing and establishing roots in North Carolina. I have served as a teacher, leader, mentor, adviser, confidant and friend.  I have traveled, and experienced different cultures and communities.

I have learned a great deal during my journey, including the value of diversity, authenticity, collaboration, building relationships, leadership, honesty, integrity and the fabulous complexity of the human experience. I have insatiable curiosity about life, the choices we make and what drives our decisions. Most importantly, I have discovered that no matter where I have been or who I have connected with, being a coach is more than just what I do, it is who I am.

For years I have served individuals who were striving to do more, gain success and grow. I have worked in secondary and post-secondary educational institutions, a private business and nonprofits. There is nothing that gives me greater joy than helping others to discover and engage in their passions, exceed their goals and succeed. I started this firm because I believe in the strength of women and deeply value of diversity. I love our intrinsic power and passion for helping others succeed.  

So that I proceed in life intentionally, I have a plan and strategically seek opportunities for professional development.  I received my training from Presence-Based® Coaching, a program fully accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF).  I am a member of ICF Global and our local Charlotte Chapter.  I have achieved a certificate of Learning & Development from University of North Carolina - Charlotte.  My education also includes a Master’s of Art in Organizational Communication from Queens University of Charlotte and a Bachelor of Arts in Speech Communications and Theater, secondary education, English, secondary education and Psychology from St. Ambrose University in Iowa.

Giving is a part of my core values and being of service "fills my cup."  I currently serve as a Leadership Coach for the McColl School of Business at Queens University of Charlotte supporting graduate students, on the Advisory Board of the Women’s Inter-Cultural Exchange and UNC-Charlotte’s Employer Advisory Board. In addition, I actively mentor others and support efforts pertaining to financial literacy and advocacy. 

I look forward to meeting you!

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