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Our mission at Blue Bee Coaching & Associates
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We help women excel as leaders by
more strategically and intentionally
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Our Story


Kilby Watson, Founder & President

The Blue Bee story began long ago. Growing up in a small town as a mixed-race, adopted child with the unique name, “Kilby” made for a very interesting journey.  Nicknames were prevalent growing up and “Killerbee” was the nickname that stuck.  It took time for me to really love my uniqueness, and even longer for the nickname to “grow on me”, but eventually it did.  I came to understand that we all are unique and special. We each have a purpose directly aligned with our core values, natural talents, and passions.

Consider the Blue Orchard Bee. It’s a wonderful representation of how that appears in nature. 
"Honeybees are very important to commercial agriculture, but native bees like the blue orchard mason bees are better and more efficient pollinators of native crops..." (as noted by the USDA Forest Service online.)

The "bee" has shown up in my life many times. From Killerbee to the fighting bees at St. Ambrose University, where I got my bachelor’s degree. It was inevitable. The bee was and is, a symbol representing much of who I am. I am known for being hard-working, diligent, a nurturer, one who loves communication that leads to success (nod to the waggle dance), and one who thrives on helping others prosper. 

Through my journey, I have learned that true understanding and enlightenment really comes from knowing oneself and that led me to serve as a coach. The core of the human experience is developed mentally, physically, and spiritually. All impact our behaviors, choices, decisions, and actions.


At Blue Bee, you will find that all of these elements are supported. That’s what makes this firm outstanding and what drives how I coach and lead.  What grounds this firm is my faith, belief in the power of women, and a desire to elevate opportunities for women.  

Blue Bee Coaching & Associates LLC (Blue Bee) is a boutique firm.  Specialties include providing a holistic approach to:

   •    Executive Coaching

  •   Leadership Coaching

   •    Career Coaching
   •    Consulting Services 

I received my coach training from Presence-Based® Coaching, a program fully accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF).  I have participated in training through WBECS which is one of the world's leading online learning platforms for Business, Executive, and Leadership coaches. I am a member of ICF Global and our local Charlotte Chapter.  I have achieved a certificate of Learning & Development from the University of North Carolina - Charlotte

I have worked in nonprofits, for-profits and served in a consulting firm. My education also includes a Master’s of Art in Organizational Communication from Queens University of Charlotte and a Bachelor of Arts in Speech Communications and Theater, secondary education, English, secondary education, and Psychology from St. Ambrose University in Iowa.

Giving is a part of my core values and being of service "fills my cup."  I currently serve as a Leadership Coach for the McColl School of Business at Queens University of Charlotte supporting graduate students. In addition, I actively mentor others and support efforts pertaining to financial literacy and self-advocacy. 

I look forward to meeting you!


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