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Women of color are sorely underrepresented in leadership roles across diverse sectors.

Research abundantly shows that this disparity is impacted by external and internal factors. We can help you navigate the challenges and attract the results you want. We know the external factors like managing negative stereotypes or biases and the perceptions others have of what you should look like or be doing. We also know what you can control. Avoid the pitfalls of perfectionism, the need to always please and desire to minimize your value. Take the power away from your inner critic and release the hold of impostor syndrome.  

                     We understand. Together we can
                  explore the challenges and find the
                    solutions that work best for you.

Professional Coaching

Consider the possibilities...

  • Deepen Internal and External Awareness

  • Recognize and Change Derailing Habits

  • Build Leadership Competencies

  • Set Measurable and Attainable Goals

  • Enhance Productivity & Efficiencies

  • Increase Steadiness and Resilience

  • Strengthen Communication Skills

"Kilby has a knack for getting to the root of       why you aren’t living your best life or being     your best self."

                                             Kim, Charlotte, NC

Women who choose to engage with Blue Bee Coaching & Associates for a coaching conversation reach out for a variety of reasons. The top five reasons include wanting to:

  1. Achieve a goal, but they feel like they keep struggling 

  2. Increase their leadership acumen

  3. Positively influence others, stand out and gain a “seat at the table”

  4. Create more meaningful relationships

  5. Be a better collaborator and communicator 

These are just a few reasons. Coaching allows us to serve better, lead better and engage better with others.  It’s the small shifts a coach helps bring to light that make a huge difference.  

"When I give up trying to impress the group, I become very impressive. Let go in order to achieve. The wise facilitator speaks rarely and briefly, teaching more through being than doing."           

            The Tao Te Ching

Group Facilitation Topics

Gain insights and increase opportunities for team
and organizational development..


  • Fine-tune Your Personal Brand

  • Small Shifts = Big Returns in Customer Loyalty

  • Engage the Growth Mindset

  • Brainstorm for Big Potential

  • Build Trust Within Your Team

  • Meaningful Networking - Building Relationships that Stick