Blue Bee Coaching & Associates LLC

lead with More Purpose, Passion & Intention! 

   Sustainable leadership growth is grounded in self awareness and personal growth.
It takes courage and a willingness to be open to the possibilities.  Your “inner work” involves gaining a deeper understanding, knowing what motivates
you and elevating your strengths. 


If you aren't reaching your goals, maybe it's time for a new approach.

 Partnering with Blue Bee Coaching & Associates will ensure opportunities for deeper awareness, inspire creative thinking and bring to light what may be limiting your success.
We will explore with you and support you, as you design the plan you want for your future. 


What We Offer

We offer something invaluable -
time - specifically designed for you, with you,
and focused on you.  

Career & Leadership Coaching Services

Co-created to support leaders seeking to:

  • ​Create More Authentic Relationships

  • Deepen Internal and External Awareness

  • Recognize and Change Derailing Habits

  • Build Leadership Competencies

  • Set Measurable & Attainable Goals

  • Enhance Productivity & Efficiencies

  • Increase Steadiness & Resilience

  • Strengthen Communication Skills

        Business Consulting Services 


 Designed for business leaders seeking to:

  • Elevate Stakeholder Engagement

  • Enhance the Customer Experience

  • Engage Staff/Team Volunteerism

"Kilby has a knack for getting to the root of why you aren’t living your best life or being your best self." 
Kim, Charlotte, NC
We Inspire

You Create Opportunities