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Part 3: Cat-Like Focus: From Planning to Action

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Just as the cat surveys the distance to its goal when jumping up onto a platform, and the energy it will take to get there, you must assess your resources and what’s needed to execute your plan. Just like the cat pictured above - no water in the bowl, go to the source. When planning for a new career or finding a new job, resources are critical to your success. No one can be successful alone. Resources include people, and sometimes knowing who is best to align with is challenging.

How does one really know who the best connection is? How do you know they know someone you need to meet?

One way to sort it out is to craft a list of specific people you know – or would like to know. The people on your list should be meaningful to you, knowledgeable and/or resourceful and perhaps even inspirational. Some relationships you list will be mutually beneficial (professionally), some may not be...yet. This list could be called your “personal board of directors/advisers”. Let’s create your personal Board of Directors (BOD) today. This group of people will help you connect either directly or indirectly with the resources you need, serve as advisers and support you on this new journey.

There are many examples online of how to list your personal BOD. A few examples and things to consider can be found via Forbes, Be Leaderly and the MIT Sloan Review.

Here’s a template with some questions you may find helpful. This one can be used when/if you are employed too.

Once you have your BOD determined, it’s time to leverage them.

Each person listed should have talents, knowledge or connections that can assist you. It takes courage and persistence to ask for help, but you can do this! Each person can unlock a door for you. They know someone, who knows someone or they have knowledge that can help you achieve your next step. Never underestimate a person. Their connections may be far and wide. They have relatives, friends and colleagues (past or present) who may have connections that would be beneficial to your plan. (For example, I live and work in NC but I know people in IA, NE, WA, IL, IN, FL, DC, TX and more!)

Flesh out the questions you want to ask your network. Ideas can be found at The Muse or Forbes. Narrow down your list to the top 10 you want to reach out to immediately. Once you have narrowed your list you will have a great place to begin.

Each new day does bring new opportunity and one step at a time towards resilience.

With the plan and strategy in place, resources at the ready you will move just as precisely as a cat and with a clear focus on your goal. That’s when you can be confident in taking the first big step and Leap Towards Your Future!

This week you will be ready to LEAP! See how a cat jumps by clicking here.

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